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We all experience stress and mild anxiety at times, which can prevent us from enjoying life to the full. Some people are naturally more nervous than others or perhaps have specific worries or fears. Passionflower has been traditionally used to aid relaxation and, therefore, provides natural support to help you through difficult times.

The Passionflower vine’s flowers are enchantingly beautiful, and its sweet, succulent fruit make a tasty snack. Less well known, perhaps, is its use as a traditional herbal medicine. Passionflower is reputed to derive its unusual name from its comparison with the Passion of Christ.

  • Passionflower is a traditional herbal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress, such as mild anxiety, exclusively based upon long standing use as a traditional herbal remedy only
  • Provides natural support to help you through difficult times
  • Fast-acting. Can be taken in advance of experiencing stressful times
  • Made from natural herbs. Independently assessed for quality and safety.
  • Not suitable if under 18 years, pregnant or breastfeeding or taking synthetic sedatives
  • Each capsule typically provides 300mg of passiflora powder
  • Take one capsule as required
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